Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Operation World/ China

The communist party in China attempts to maintain control over the Church and to manipulate the Church. Public worship is allowed for those who will compromise and submit to man rather than to God. The house Church movement or the "Underground" Church consists of those who have not bowed the knee. They are persecuted and under much pressure by the Communist party and the liberal Christians to give in. So, how can we pray for the Church in China?
  • For the leaders to remain strong. Many leaders "have compromised the faith and bowed to government pressure. The restirctions laid down are: no childrens' or youth work, avoid preaching on the Lord's return or on creation, a ban on healing or exorcism, and limited evangelism. Praise God for many who quietly ignore the rules of men." (pp. 162, Operation World).
  • For leaders to be raised up. Leadership training is lacking.
  • For believers to stay strong amidst the persecution.
  • For evangelistic ministries to thrive and reach the lost.

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