Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Operation World/ China

I have been in prayer for China this morning. I thought I would share some stats from the book, "Operation World," (Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk; Authentic Media).
  • This is quoted from the book (pp.162), "The 'One Child' policy is a draconian means of taming the growth of the population. Family life has been deeply impacted, shown in: a higher divorce rate, 10 million abortions a year (nealry all girls), suicide (40% of the world's suicides are in China), pampered children with poor communication skills and the abandonment of baby girls and older people. The rising generation will pay a heavy cost- in 2,000 there were 90 million marriageable unmarried men; in some areas young men outnumber young women by 30-40%-rape, abductions, female slavery, incest, prostitution and the rapid spread of AIDS could all be the result. Pray for family stability and health. Pray also for wise policies to be implemented that will stabilize the population."
  • "The social and health needs in China overwhelm the available recourses. Diseases are a challenge- 1.9 million with tuberculosis, over 300,000 with HIV/AIDS, 10 million mentally retarded through iodine-deficiency, 60 million disabled, 13 million blind and 520,000 registered drug addicts. Then there are the unemployed and the numerous victims of famines, floods, and earthquakes due to the density of the population. Pray that Christians may find openings to serve such in the social caring proffesions and opportunities to show and speak about the love of Jesus for them."

When I read the stats about the children and babies I want to bring them all home! We know a number of families who have adopted children from China, God bless you.

I will continue in prayer for the gospel to run in China! May the church thrive in China, God bless the missionaries and churches, I pray for an awakening in the lost and a hunger for Christ. Lord send relief, send your Spirit.

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