Monday, April 14, 2008


Please join me in prayer over these issues this week:
  • For God to bring the right jobs for us.
  • The boldness of God's people throughout the world to preach the gospel to every one they can.
  • For the Bethlehem Evangelism teams as they head out witnessing Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Blessing upon my father who is still suffering from an infection in a surgical wound. For God to heal him and bless his walk with Christ.
  • For my Mother Marcie who is not a Christian. For me to be reconciled to her.
  • My sister Michele who is a lesbian- pray God would use the many seeds that have been planted to cause her to repent and believe the gospel.
  • My sister Shiloh who is a drug addict and suffering from Diabetes. Pray God would open her eyes to the glory of Christ and save her soul from hell.
  • My sister Frankie, that she would head down the same path as Shiloh or my Mom. That Frankie would attend a good church and have Christian friends to help her.
  • Praise- Joe and Tera Lopez had their baby this week.
  • Praise- Steve and Margo Mitchell sold thier house and found another one to move to.
  • Pray for the ending of Abortion in America and the world.
  • Pray for the church to be cleansed of worldliness.

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