Thursday, May 15, 2008


So, tonight for family worship we continued in the gospel of Mark. We just finished with the passage where Jesus feeds 5,000. What a miraculous wonder! Oh, that God would soften my heart and my families heart and your heart. I plead with God to open our eyes. This is an another account where the all-sufficiant, all-glorious God of the universe steps into the pages of history; breaks down the bearier of our blindness to God (by revealing himself in the the Messiah) and does another miracle for us to behold His glory. He shows us that He is all sufficient to satisfy, He is all sustaining- Oh how this is NOT a story for us to teach our children about sharing! Far from it. This is a story for us to learn of His (Jesus) ability to provide for all of our needs, to satisy the longing soul, to quench the thirsting spirit, to make out of nothing that which we need. He indeed is able, more than able. This is a story for us, for our children, for the world- to know the all sufficient grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and to trust Him. Not to trust the things of the world. To turn away from the deceitful promises of sin-to please us more than Christ can. Sin always lies to us. It tells us it can satisfy above and beyond Christ's ability. We must treasure Christ above all things. More than all the pleasures this world can afford. He is the only all sustaining, all satisfying One. Turn from those things you seek more than Him. Turn from your idolatry. Turn to Christ.
The disciples didn't get it. As they beheld this miracle, Jesus literally creating food for all the people. They saw it with their eyes, yet they were blind. They speek to us of our blindness. We see yet we don't always believe do we? Oh, that God would grant even the faith of a mustard seed in my house and in the Church at large! I want to see mountains move! I want to see the all suficiency of Christ every day. I don't want the cares of this world to choke out the seed of the Word.
Brother Jason

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