Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nuggets of Gold from books #1.

"There is glory, and there is a glory that can even come to us, but it is not ours. There is a glory we should seek, but it is not glory for ourselves, not to ourselves, but the glory of Christ. And that glory is most evident not just when Christ is preached as an abstract and objective truth, but when Christ becomes in us the hope of glory. Paul's concern was not just that his hearers would come to a correct cognitive understanding of the gospel, although that was essential. His concern was that the gospel would be received by faith and that lives would be transformed. Paul's wonderfully symphonic presentation of the gospel in the book of Romans helps us to understand how sinners become saints, how we are justified by faith, and how we are adopted as sons and daughters of the most high God."

The Primacy of Preaching
R. Albert Mohler Jr.
From the book "Feed My Sheep," a passionate plea for preaching.
Soli Deo Gloria Publications

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