Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Anger Management" -by Richard Baxter

- So I attended the Desiring God National Conference this year (which, as is always, really encouraging and uplifting) and they gave the attendees a bunch of books. Among all the books was a little "Pocket Puritan" booklet which was published by The Banner of Truth Trust. The booklet is entitled "Anger Management" the author is Richard Baxter. I open the book and the first page says this:

Anger is a passionate emotional response to a perceived evil that would cross us or hinder us from something good. It has been given to us by God for our good. It stirs us up to vigorous resistance against anything that opposes God's glory, our salvation, our real good, or the good of our neighbours. Anger is therefore good when it is used to its appointed end, in the right manner and measure. But anger may be sinful (pp.5).
I will post more on the content of the book in a few days. The question I have, based on the above definition (which I think is right) is: is it possible for that kind of anger to be expressed within us? I know it was in Jesus but how does it work in us? I anticipate a great answer to this question as I continue through the booklet.
How about you? What do you think? What is your conviction on biblical righteous anger?
I will have more on this in the days to come!

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