Sunday, July 11, 2010

Biblical Interpretation 4

A proper understanding of the unity and diversity of the Scriptures is important in a good interpretation of the Bible. The revelation of God’s Word to man was a progressive series of writing and is therefore to be understood with this diversity in mind. The Scriptures are united in that they came from one author, namely God; yet they are diverse in that they came through numerous writers. We find unity in the message of the Bible that is all centered on the Christ; however, the Old Testament was looking ahead, the gospels speak of Him as being here, and the rest of the New Testament looks back to Him. It was Augustine who said, “The New Testament lies hid in the old, and the old lies open in the new.” This is all hard for the unbeliever to understand, indeed, impossible for him to understand; yet to the man of faith the unity and diversity of God’s Word is a majestic display of God’s kindness to man. God’s Word has but one true meaning not many, and in finding that meaning man finds life and purpose.

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