Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bible Interpretation 14

The interpretation of prophecy is a unique aspect of hermeneutics. The right use of the grammatical historical method is crucial when dealing with prophecy; therefore certain general rules must be followed in order to properly interpret a passage which is of a prophetic nature. Careful attention must be given to the language of a specific passage. It is important to determine the meaning and significance of all names, events, geography, customs, material culture, climate, as well as plant and vegetable life. At the same time it is of great importance to note the type of language within the passage, is it figurative, poetic, or symbolic? The details are important. The historical background of the prophet and writing must be paid attention to. Another important rule to follow in the interpretation of prophecy is context. The context helps us to understand the prophet’s mindset. Here it is useful to remember that chapter and verse divisions are not inspired and can lead one astray from the intended meaning of a text if they are allowed to chop up a passage.

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