Monday, February 6, 2012

Questions and Answers *Manual of Christian Doctrine/ Louis Berkhof)

1.    What is divine revelation?
According to the presentation of Scripture, God has removed the veil which covered Him and has exposed Himself to view.  In other words, He has in some way communicated knowledge of Himself to man, and has thereby opened the way for man to know Him, and to live in communion with Him.  [Pg.23-24]
2.    How do natural and supernatural revelation differ?
The great text in the Bible which deals with both aspects of revelation is Psalm 19.  “Natural revelation is that revelation which is communicated through the phenomena of nature, including the very constitution of man.  It is not a revelation given in words but embodied in facts. ” [Pg. 24] 
Supernatural revelation, on the other hand, is a revelation in which God intervenes in the natural course of events, and in which He, even when He uses natural means, such as dreams and oral communications, employs them in a supernatural way.” [Pg.24]
3.    Who deny the reality of special revelation?
Specifically, there are two schools of thought who deny the special revelation of God, eighteenth century Deism and present-day liberal theology.

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