Thursday, May 15, 2008


God has been good to me. I was born in sin, He gave me new birth. I was dead, He resurected me. I was hard, He softened me. I was defiled, He purified me. I was in bondage to sin, He freed me. I was far away, He drew me near. I was unhappy, He gave me His joy. I was sorrowful, He gave me a new song to sing. I was blind, He gave me eyes to see. I was deaf, He gave me ears to hear. I was judgemental, He taught me acceptance. I held grudges, He taught me forgiveness. I was broken, He healed me. I was lost, now I'm found.
-This meditation came to me late Tuesday night after evangelism. -
God Bless and I hope that Christ is your fullness of Joy.
Give thanks unto the Lord Oh you His people, give thanks to the Rock of Ages. He is the King the Mighty the ruler of the nations. Who is like Him, His arm is strong and his sword dashes to pieces those who stand opposed to Him and His annointed. Give thanks to the Lord Oh you His people. For it is right and fiiting to give thanks unto the Lord. For His loving kindness endures forever and ever. Give thanks unto the God of ods. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. Hallelujia and Amen!!

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