Monday, April 6, 2009

Thoughts on the day: Movies, Books, and Life

I am a fan of good movies. I don't mean the latest popular movie in the theater. I am talking about the great ones. You may like them too. Let me ask you a question, have you ever stopped to think through them? To actually go beyond the temporal situation of a character and a plot. To ask yourself, "who am I in this movie?" Better yet, "who is Jesus", and "what is this story telling me about the Lord, the gospel, and life as it relates to God's standard?" I am not always fast to catch on. I have been a Christian for almost ten years now, I have only recently learned to really watch movies and read books. Praise be to God that His grace causes us to persevere! I have seen too many ridiculous movies to count and far too many good ones to not have learned anything from them. I am sorrowful over the amount of my life that I have wasted watching the good ones and not learning from them. Not any more.

As far as books go- well the same is true of them. I have not read many books beyond The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Narnia. I am well read in theology and christian thought, but my imagination needs some work in the area of books- anyone have a good one they recommend?

Life also tells us the story of the gospel. Not just our conversion experiences, I mean our day to day walk. God is always preaching the gospel to us- we need ears to hear and eyes to see.

May the Lord bless us with ears to hear and eyes to see, that no movies would ever be a waste of time, that not any book would go by without impact, and may our lives be singing the beautiful music of heavenly truth.

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