Sunday, April 5, 2009

Highlands Study Center, R.C. Sproul Jr.

I highly recommend the ministry of the Highlands Study Center, and teachings of R.C. Sproul Jr. I have been listening to the Basement Tapes for over a year now, I have read many of his books, and I have been blessed by the most recent "Sound Teaching" bible studies which I have listened to. I have made the decision to support them every month. Don't ask me why I have taken so long to do this!

The center has a strong emphasis on living simply, separately, and deliberately. All for the King of Kings. I am especially fond of their "antithesis" approach to what they do. They have a distinctively covenantal approach to the scriptures and know about family living (in the church and in the home). I am wanting to attend their couples camp with my wife if the Lord wills.

Having almost joined the ranks of the Mennonite Anabaptists I was directed to a more sound ecclesiastical understanding thanks to these faithful followers of our great King.

Check out the ministry of the Highlands Study Center, get your hands on their material, support them, visit them, spread their stuff- the church needs to hear it! Here is the Link-

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