Friday, February 12, 2010

Questions and Answers

"What was the last set of circumstances that caused you to 'think' about self and what kind of person you have become?"

The last set of circumstances that caused me to think about "self" and what kind of person I have become came during Christmas this past year. I had the opportunity of visiting my family and going home to where I was raised after being away from there for the past two years. It is a long trip, twelve hours without kids, and I have four kids so add two hours per child and that is about how much longer it took to get there! In bits and pieces during the drivee, when the kids and my wife were sleeping, I really did some serious thinking in this regard. That is to say, "Who am I now after two years," and "In what ways have I changed?" I tend to be an introspective type of personality so this kind of thinking isn't uncommon, but going home breathed a form of nostalgia into my emotions which I am not accustomed to.

I have been a Christian for ten years and a flood of memories and thankfulness to God came. I remember who I was then. I know who I am now. I know He is working on me to be better for tomorrow. I was strongly reminded of all the ways I could do a better job at staying connected to my family. The basic translation of that was- I am self centered. Also, I was reunited to my sister after not seeing her or talking to her for more than three years. By His grace I was shown some weaknesses that I need to improve in. Driving home was a time of serious reflection, because I was faced with a sense of aging, life, and goals for what will be. I am a perfectionist by nature and never seem to be satisfied with what is, I suppose that can be good at times, but it is also another weakness.

God's grace is how I have become who I am today and I know it will be by that beautiful grace that I will be more like His Son tomorrow. I have many plans, goals, and a strong positive attitude to get there. I just don't want to get caught up in tomorrow and forget today.

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