Saturday, July 17, 2010

Biblical Interpretation 9

Grammatical interpretation is foundational to proper interpretation of the Word. In hermeneutics we seek to get into the author’s original frame of mind and to convey the meaning in such a way that nothing is lost. It is the expositor’s duty to interpret the original meaning of the author. In order to interpret the original meaning it is foundational to have a strong understanding of language, especially that of the original texts. Consulting lexicons can be helpful, but there are times when a rigorous word study will be needed since even the scholars of lexicons are mere men. It is vital to get at the meaning of the words in the time they were written. Every language has antonyms and synonyms, so the interpreter must have a solid grasp of the meaning of the words and the words which are related to them. It is said that hermeneutics is a science, and that is true; however, hermeneutics is also an art. One must learn to properly apply the principles of interpretation, and this can never be done mechanically. The interpreter must be born again to come to a true understanding of Scripture; the natural man cannot understand the “things freely given of God for they are spiritually discerned (I Cor. 2).”

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