Friday, July 16, 2010

Biblical Interpretation 8

The school of liberalism or rationalism is a system of interpretation which rejects anything beyond the realm of logic and science. The whole realm of the supernatural is rejected and written off as mythology. They believe the Bible to be good for edification and encouragement; also, they teach that within the Bible we can find good moral and ethical teachings. This school arose from “man’s enlightenment;” what man at one time did not know he now does know and is in no need of a book to teach him. Where science contradicts Scripture, science wins out. Over against this teaching arose another school of interpretation known as Neo Orthodoxy (new teaching). Neo Orthodoxy rejects liberalism. According to this view the Scriptures can contain the Word of God at certain times, as God chooses to reveal himself within a certain text. They reject the Scriptures as infallible because of the human element. A strong existential philosophy is held within this school, and much emphasis is placed on external experiences.

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