Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Biblical Interpretation 12

There is a synonymous relationship between grammatical and historical interpretation. Historical interpretation does overlap with that of grammatical at times. For instance, it is the historical usage of a word that gives the interpreter an exact meaning to a word, not necessarily the etymological per se. An instance of this would be in our culture the use of the word “bad.” Other aspects of historical interpretation include knowing all there is to know about the author at hand, understanding the political situations, the religious tolerances of the day, geography, language, philosophy, and studying the speaker if he is not the same as the author. Upon this historical interpretation we draw closer to the intended meaning of the author. Usage of the analogy of faith is included within this lecture as well. The analogy of faith is the understanding the Scripture interprets Scripture. When properly used and followed it provides a guide and basis for discerning truth from error.

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